I Need Help With My Pet

Rehoming Support

Our #1 goal is to keep families and pets together. That means finding a way to help you KEEP your pet. But if you MUST give up your pet, the next step is for us to support you as you look for a new home for your pet (also called “rehoming” your pet).

We never want your pet to spend one night in a scary shelter, not understanding where you are or why they’re there. When you rehome them yourself, you can completely avoid your pet experiencing that fear and stress.

Home to Home

Join thousands of pet parents who have successfully used Home To Home™ to find a new home for their pet. Finding a new home for your pet and keeping it out of a shelter can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Start by creating a user and pet profile.
  2. Next, upload a picture of your pet and submit it to Home To Home™.
  3. Finally, respond to people who are interested in your pet.

Click here to get started!

Foster the pet through MAS until they’re adopted

This means your pet will continue to stay with you until they get adopted, but the pet will receive all wellness services at MAS at no cost to you (if needed), will be listed for adoption on our website (which gets about 15,000 visits per month!), and will have their adoption processed through us.

Make use of your own network and social media

Wouldn’t it be great if your pet was adopted by someone you know so you could keep up with them?

Take a great photo and/or video of your pet, write a nice bio all about their personality, and post it on any social media available to you, and ask everyone to share! Send it to email contacts, print flyers and post around your neighborhood, tell friends and family about the pet. Be sure to include your contact information! Here are some great resources for helping your pet put their best paw forward: