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Memphis Animal Services offer three levels of volunteering:

Level 1

  • First step for all new volunteers
  • Online orientation makes it very easy to get started from the comfort of your home anytime
  • Level 1 volunteers don’t do direct animal handling
  • Also perfect for:
    • Short-term volunteers
    • Community service volunteers
    • Volunteers under 18
  • You can choose to progress to Level 2 if you want direct animal handling or stay at Level 1 forever!

Level 2

  • If they choose, Level 1 Volunteers may progress to Level 2 Cat Volunteers or Level 2 Dog Volunteers (or both!)
  • Attend one Level 2 Cat Volunteer Course or Level 2 Dog Volunteer Course (each offered twice per month) to advance to direct animal handling opportunities within that species. You only need to attend the course once, and then you’re a Level 2 Volunteer!
  • See available Level 2 course dates/times here
  • Both Level 1 and Level 2 opportunities (for your species) are available to you

Level 3

  • Level 2 volunteers may progress on a case-by-case basis to Level 3 if they:
    • Have highly specialized skills from experience in the shelter or prior to volunteering in the shelter, i.e.:
      • Take notes of dogs’ behavior during playgroups, Lead programs like field trips on certain days
    • Train and/or mentor other volunteers, i.e.:
      • Facilitate Level 2 Volunteer Courses, Mentor volunteers on their first shifts
    • Training for these opportunities varies and is available on a case-by-case basis.
    • Are you a Level 2 volunteer interested in leveling up to a specialized skill or training/mentoring other volunteers? Email [email protected].

Get Started Here

Ready to get started as a Level 1 volunteer? Complete two easy steps:

  1. Watch our online orientation video.
  2. Fill out our online application.

Once your application is approved (usually within 24 hours), you’ll receive an email with instructions.

Curious about the different ways you can help as a Level 1 volunteer? Check out our Youtube tutorials of some of the ongoing daily needs of our pets that volunteers help us take care of.