I Lost My Pet

How to Reclaim Your Pet

How to Reclaim

Is your missing pet at Memphis Animal Services? Great! Then your next step is to start the reclaim process. Reuniting pets with their families is our #1 goal.

If you see a pet on our website that you think might be your pet, or if you’ve received a notice, please write down the animal ID # (ex: A1625) and call or come ASAP to Memphis Animal Services during our adoption/reclaim hours.

Contact Information

Memphis Animal Services
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
901-636-1416 x2
Email us at [email protected]

What You’ll Need to Reclaim

Please bring your ID and any proof of ownership you may have. This may include:

  • Photos of the pet
  • Medical records for the pet

If the pet is current on their rabies vaccines and/or if they are spayed/neutered, please also bring those medical records. If you don’t have these items, please come to reclaim anyway. Our team will work with you to verify ownership. Reclaim fees apply and vary case by case, but we are always happy to work with pet parents who need assistance

We Want You to Get Your Pet Back

Sometimes people don’t reclaim their pets because they’re afraid they might get in trouble. Maybe they’re undocumented, or they have outstanding warrants. If you have legal issues unrelated to pets, we have no way to know that. They are not our role to enforce. We just want pets to go back to the families they love, so please know we will not report you to other agencies simply for coming to reclaim your pet.