CDV-Exposed Dogs

Memphis Animal Services has recently become aware of a positive Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) test result for a dog that was in our care. We have been able to contact-trace and identify what dogs have been exposed to this dog during their time here. There are currently 24 publicly available dogs and puppies in the building who have been exposed to CDV who we need help getting out of the shelter before their incubation period ends and before they potentially start shedding the virus to other dogs at the shelter, compromising our entire population.


A list of these dogs is below. In order to protect the rest of our population they must be adopted or fostered by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 7, when we close at 4pm.


These dogs should NOT go to boarding or shelter environments. They should only go to environments with either no dogs or *fully vaccinated* adult dogs. They should not go to homes with puppies. All dogs listed on our website may not be available to foster.


If you can help any of these dogs or puppies, please come to Memphis Animal Services between 12-4pm. Email [email protected] to get more info about any of these dogs.